Toyota and Monster detections respectively on a frame processed in real-time from a live feed on e-sports platform Twitch


LOS ANGELES, Sept 22, 2018 – Orpix, an AI & computer vision company, announces a new service for real time monitoring of brand exposure in live streams.  With the increased popularity and viewing of live streams from e-sports to live broadcasts, it is more important than ever for brands to measure their exposure across these new mediums. Until now, such a service has faced two core challenges —

  • Automatic detection of logos has not provided sufficient accuracy and performance
  • Acquiring live feeds becomes daunting due to the vastly increasing number of streaming platforms, TV channels, and broadcasts.

Orpix has addressed both of these challenges.  Due to significant advancements in the speed and accuracy of our logo detection algorithms, and an innovative approach to processing live streams with the introduction of our new Orpix Streaming cluster product, we now offer a one-of-a-kind solution to do real-time monitoring of live streams.

Solution Overview

The process is straight forward as follows (See diagram below):

  1. Choose a streaming source.
  2. Start an Orpix Streaming node
  3. Frames are processed on the cloud
  4. Review and a report are available as the stream is processed.

Note: Orpix can optionally acquire the live stream for you and send it to the cloud for real-time processing as a service.

These simple steps allow a user to use Orpix services to monitor brand exposure in any live stream




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