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Orpix delivers a variety of scalable end to end image recognition solutions that are designed to enhance your business process. These solutions are built on a cloud platform that incorporates the latest in machine learning and cloud computing.


Video & Image


Orpix Image & Video Analytics is a cloud-based platform that provides all the necessary tools to annotate and analyze content in images and video. A web application allows users to define categories, upload images & videos, and run them through robust automatic detection. The user can then review the results and feed them downstream for domain specific analysis.


The following youtube video shows our solutiion for monitoring brand exposure in live eSport events

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Sponsorship Valuation

Make & Model

Orpix Vehicle Make and Model Recognition is a web service that can be integrated into various mobile and web applications through a simple REST API. It utilizes state of the art machine learning to recognize the make, model, and year of a car image from various views.

The following youtube video shows our solutiion for live vehicle license plate recognition

Car Buying and Selling

Targeted Ads and Billboards


Toll Road Invoicing and Citation Processing

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