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Orpix delivers a variety of scalable end to end image recognition solutions that are designed to enhance your business process. These solutions are built on a cloud platform that incorporates the latest in machine learning and cloud computing.

Video & Image

Orpix Image & Video Analytics is a cloud-based platform that provides all the necessary tools to annotate and analyze content in images and video. A web application allows users to define categories, upload images & videos, and run them through robust automatic detection. The user can then review the results and feed them downstream for domain specific analysis.

Make & Model

Orpix Vehicle Make and Model Recognition is a web service that can be integrated into various mobile and web applications through a simple REST API. It utilizes state of the art machine learning to recognize the make, model, and year of a car image from various views.

Car Buying and

Targeted Ads and Billboards


Toll Road Invoicing and Citation Processing

E-Commerce Solutions

Orpix Detection Platform can be extended easily to support custom applications that require image and video analytics. It supports all the steps necessary to deploy a scalable solution that can either run on the cloud or on a private network. Using cloud-based web applications for data collection, training, testing, and an accompanying REST API, Orpix develops custom e-commerce solutions that solve a variety of problems.

Orpix has all the tools needed to develop an image recognition solution to recognize parts from a catalog that is defined by the customer.

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